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Air Merupakan komponen penting bagi Manusia dan Makhluk hidup, tanpa adanya air tidak akan ada kehidupan di muka bumi. Kebersihan dan Kelestarian air sangat perlu dijaga untuk masa depan bumi dan Manusia serta Makhluk Hidup

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DOS is a well known Thai brand of environmentally-friendly products, including septic tanks and water storage tanks. We have been producing and selling more than 300,000 tanks under DOS brand a year and our products have over 1,000 channels of distributions (through modern trading agencies, shops and dealers) throughout Thailand.We have also been launching marketing campaigns to meet the needs of consumers and we have also been repaying the society via several social contribution programs. More information can be found at our official website by click Link bellow

www.dos.co.th www.dos.co.th

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